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Case Study - Virgilio's Restaurant

Virgilio's Pizzeria & Portuguese grill is a renowned family owned restaurant in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Having been serving up Italian food for 30 years, the family decided to introduce a new Portuguese menu - as they are originally from the island of Madeira! They also wanted to differentiate themselves from other Italian restaurants.

Our original brief from Virgilio was to include the Portuguese symbol of a cockerel in their new brand - they wanted to reflect their Portuguese heritage, and create something iconic

We used this as a starting point and developed a logo, colour scheme, and graphic pattern around the existing IP.

Once the branding was settled, we set to work on applying the new design across the board. Over the course of the project we designed:
Food menu, wine list, business cards, shopfront sign, outside A boards, banners, along with digital assets for Facebook and Twitter, and a website marking the first time Virgilio's had an online presence.

To make sure it got off on the right foot we managed and took care of their online marketing before training and handing it over to restaurant staff.

In addition to this, the logo was successfully applied on uniforms and even the bill at the end of the meal. The results speak for themselves - "Virgilio's had their best Q1 turnover in 20 years!" - Andy Da Silva

View the website:


Virgilios Card



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